In Australia, driving laws and regulations differ from state to state. Some states will require you to carry an International Licence. However, other states may request you carry your current foreign driver’s licence together with a formal translation of your licence into English.


Rule 1: You remain as a temporary visitor

You are eligible to drive around as long you hold a temporary visa e.g. student visa, visitors visa, tourist visa etc.



Rule 2: You current overseas license is valid and up-to-date

You need to ensure your overseas license has not expired and is up-to-date.




Rule 3: Your current international license is not associated with any criminal activities

Be honest and report your past driving history, Don’t keep other drivers on the road at risk.


Rule 4: Translate your overseas license in English

If your overseas license is not in English, you need to translate this or alternatively, have the words “International Driving Permit” on it.




Select the state or territory you will be driving in to find out what the laws are: