Are you thinking about moving to Australia and pursue a higher education? Or do you have 5-10+ years experience in a relevant field and want to find out if your role is in demand? Review the 2016-2017 Skilled Occupation List as it will determine what occupation you can nominate to enter Australia and eventually get settled permanently.


What is Skilled Occupation List and why it is important:

The Skilled Occupation List (SOL) is a list of occupations, currently in demand. Australia a clear idea of just what skills are in short supply here over the next three to five years. You can see the list here.

The Skilled Occupations List (or SOL) is considered for:

1. Skilled Independent Visa

2. Skilled Family sponsored visa

3. Graduate Temporary Visa

4. Employee Sponsored Visa


Type of occupations that will allow you to stay in Australia permanently:

Here are some of the occupations from the SOL list that will make you eligible to move to Australia:

1. Accountant with Bachelor/Masters of Accounting

2. Surgeon with Bachelor of Medicine

3. ICT Business Analyst with Bachelor/Masters of Information Technology

4. Clinical Pscyhologist with Bachelor of Pyschology

5. Telecommunications Engineer with Bachelor/Masters of Engineering

6. Solicitor with Bachelor of Law


What do I do if my Nominated Occupation isn’t on the SOL?

If you don’t see your occupation on the SOL, you may still be eligible for a State and Territory nomination or employer sponsorship. You could also check the Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL).


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